Lasenby Knox

Lasenby Knox

Lasenby Knox

A signature is very personal to each individual and most of life’s
most significant events require one to mark the occasion.

A signature adds provenance to a document and indicates a unique style
or approach. A signature is like a promise; someone giving their word.

This is our promise to you.

No two people s aspirations are the same,
so neither should your financial planning be

Working in a genuine partnership, we take on the role of a personal finance director,
acting exclusively on your behalf.

Our aim is to protect and enhance the value of your assets to deliver returns
that meet your long-term financial goals.

We offer financial planning and investment solutions to people and businesses
through our team of experienced expert advisers.

Using detailed and disciplined planning, we ensure objectives are met with
efficiency and the highest service.


Lasenby Knox works with expert advisers and consultants so it can access specialists who can advise you on a wide range of other services, ranging from wills and probate to tax or trust advice. Alternatively, we work with your existing partners to make sure we can fulfil all of your financial planning requirements.

If you're a likeminded individual and looking for a new career challenge, contact us.

03300 880111
1st Floor / Blackfriars House / Parsonage / Manchester / M3 2JA