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Our services

Cash-flow financial planning forms the foundation of our service.

Specially designed software is used to show you a projection of your financial future, opportunities and challenges. Together, we are in full control of a long-term plan and we offer expert advice when needed. Tax opportunities and inefficiencies are highlighted, as we look to maximise simple planning to make your income and assets work for you.

We provide investment management, agreeing on clear and concise objectives we help construct and manage portfolios to your unique plan.

We offer a cash management service that optimises your current cash rates, using all the UK registered banks and building societies.

Life insurance ensures you are protected from any unforeseen possible life-changing events. We calculate any possible risks and shortfalls and insure with the most tax efficient structures.

Independent offering

Financial products can seem complex and the choices, overwhelming. We advise on all independent financial adviser products. This is rarely done on an individual transaction basis but forms part of your unique plan.

This ranges from NISAs, OEICs, onshore and offshore bonds to EIS and VCT investments. We advise on personal pensions, SIPPs, SSAS, shareholder protection, directors’ life cover and income protection. Whatever the product, we keep it simple and relevant.


Lasenby Knox works with expert advisers and consultants so it can access specialists who can advise you on a wide range of other services, ranging from wills and probate to tax or trust advice. Alternatively, we work with your existing partners to make sure we can fulfil all of your financial planning requirements.

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